DocGraph is an ONC code-a-thon finalist

To catch everyone up, here is the brief sequence of events:

With that in mind, we are happy to announce that DocGraph Omni has been selected as one of the winning entries into the Code-a-Palooza!

Now its time for a look at the competition!

  • Arcadia Solutions  Arcadia looks like a top of the line Health IT consulting shop, and they have previously won a Surescripts hackathon.
  • DocSpot DocSpot is an advanced doctor search tool. They are also an active member of the DocGraph community and have done some innovative work with chargemaster data in hospitals.
  • karmadata karmadata is an advanced API to lots of healthcare data sets. They seem to have lots of international data, and solid data sets for clinical trials. They should be able to come up with something really easy using their other data sources!
  • Lyfechannel Develops advanced patient intervention mobile apps.
  • Medecision  Population management with Big Data.
  • Team FloriDUH Another DocGraph community member Mandi Bishop is leading a team of top thinkers!
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison Cant find a link for this one, but its one of the two academic teams!!
  • Zynx Health Another Big Data player, this time with expertise in Clinical Decision Support

Lots of Big Data expertise, experience designing software, even AI and robotics experience. You can expect some crazy good applications and a fierce competition. Which we plan on winning.



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