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Announcing MrPUP

We are happy to announce that the DocGraph Journal is releasing the first Medicare Public Use File released by a private organization. The new public use file is called MrPUP, and it details how Outpatient providers in Medicare refer procedures. MrPUP stands for Medicare Referring Provider Utilization for Procedures. You can download the data here, the […]

Qualifications for 2014 CEHRT Flexibility Rule

In 2014, ONC passed a rule that allowed providers to receive funding for EHR systems that did not meet the standards that were current at the time. The funding program for Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in the United States is called the Meaningful Use program, because healthcare providers, mostly doctors and hospitals, are required to demonstrate […]

DocGraph Datathon

As always, DocGraph will be attending Datapalooza, May 31st-Jun 3 2015 in Washington D.C. Thanks to our friends at Healthca.mp we will be hosting a datathon the day before Datapalooza starts. Join us for: DocGraph data visualization hacking Data structure tutorials for multiple open data sets State-level doctor data hacking Food data demos Sessions on […]

Announcing EHR Vendor Attestation Report Card and Data

UPDATE (May 20, 2015) It looks like the forces for open data won this one! Here is the summary at fiercehealth and the actual policy change letter sent to payers. DocGraph is crowdfunding releasing a dataset revealing how specific EHR vendors perform on Meaningful Use attestation, bringing greater transparency into the EHR industry. Until now it was […]

Data release: Open Provider Directory and Open Formulary comment data

Recently, HHS released a proposed rule regarding new regulations for health insurance companies. The specific document is called: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: HHS Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2016 In that proposed rule were two open data concepts that are worth noting: A suggestion that insurance companies be required to release […]

Retiring Omni

DocGraph Omni was a website that we used to display a merged set of the open data that is available on healthcare providers. It was a good idea, but it did not work. Or at least, it is used so infrequently that it is not worth the resources that DocGraph is spending on it. Omni […]

NY Release of Taxi data: Still the right move

Today, word came out that NY released taxi data that has been entirely reidentified. The technique and concepts to conduct the attack can be found here, and I also found the slashdot discussion interesting. The result is that the identity and paths of specific named taxi cabs is now public information. This is not entirely […]