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DocGraph is an ONC code-a-thon finalist

To catch everyone up, here is the brief sequence of events: CMS released groundbreaking procedure data about providers in the US who bill Medicare. ONC sponsored a coding contest to make the data useful to consumers. DocGraph released Omni, the first tool to allow the browsing of open doctor data by the public. CMS released […]

Next Generation DocGraph Data

After many months of mild government employee harassment, and delays based mostly on “other projects” that HHS has been working on, (have I ever told you how many of my friends at HHS were pulled on to the healthcare.gov launch… almost all of them), I am proud to announce that a new, improved update of […]

Fair Health: One step forward, One step back

Fair Health was formed as the result of a settlement between a group of insurance companies and the District Attorney’s office of NY. The site provides a front end to its considerable pricing data, but the data is coded in CPT codes. Fair Health has taken the approach of licensing CPT descriptions from the AMA, […]


HIMSS always has lots of Open Source and Open Data, but you have to know where to look. This year, the standout sessions were from the FDA Open Data talk and Fair Health. The FDA is slowly announcing its new set of APIs. You can read more at open.fda.gov and follow the latest at the […]

Janos Hajagos analyzes DocGraph RX

I have just realized that I had missed a very comprehensive analysis of the DocGraph RX dataset by Janos Hajagos. He looked at providers in Hawaii to limit the scope. You can see his full sized chart here. You can look at his sourcecode here. Highlights from the post: The second core aspect of the […]

Should we have more public data on doctors?

Obviously, we here at DocGraph want to see more and more doctor data released. So we should admit that bias to start. We also care about what other people think, so we were very excited to see the release of the comments regarding the change of policy regarding the release of doctor-identified patient-blinded claims data. […]

IMS Informatics releases Wikipedia/Social Media Correlations

Found out from Rachel Feltman at Quartz that IMS Institutie for Health Informatics has released a very comprehensive report titled “Engaging Patients on Social Media“. Here is the link to their Press Release on the same. (Apparently IMS is not “into” human readable and/or stable urls.) The simplified title belies the complexity of the release here, which […]