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Cajun Codefest 2014

The DocGraph Journal is sponsoring Cajun Codefest 2014 (April 23-25 in Lafayette, LA) and simultaneously holding a virtual codeathon focused on the recently released DocGraphRX – Medicare D prescribing data.  Since our friends in Louisiana themed this years event “Aging in Place” and we’ve spoken with dozens of community members about DocGraphRX in the last […]

Which Doctor’s Next? More from RWeald

In this article, Weald explores typical treatment paths revealed in the DocGraph data.  An excerpt of his work is below: Provider Type Seen First Provider Type Seen Second Number of Patients Radiology – Diagnostic Radiology Internal Medicine – General 115,602,860 Internal Medicine – General Radiology – Diagnostic Radiology 91,632,055 Internal Medicine – Cardiovascular Disease Internal […]

NBC Bay Area Television

Misfit’s Rachel Kalmar and DocGraph/NoD’s Fred Trotter are featured by NBC Bay Area television at Health ReFactored. Both of these projects where crowd-supported efforts to seed change in how people track their health improvement and how society can improve coordinating care. http://www.nbcbayarea.com/video/#!/on-air/as-seen-on/Tracking-High-Tech-Health-Care/207311521

CMS Releases 3000+ Hospital’s Medicare Costs

The DocGraph Journal participated on a call with CMS this morning where CMS described recently released data showing total Medicare billings submitted by 3000+ healthcare providers in the US in 2011.  Using this data, Jonathan Blum, acting principal deputy administrator of CMS, hopes journalists across the country, are able to report on gross pricing disparities in their […]

Gephi and DocGraph will present at StrataRX Boston in Sept

Easier than Excel: Social Network Analysis of DocGraph with Gephi Janos Hajagos (Stony Brook School of Medicine), Fred Trotter (FredTrotter.com) 1:00pm Wednesday, 09/25/2013 Salon F Workshop Please note: to attend, your registration must include Workshops on Wednesday. The DocGraph dataset was released at Strata RX 2012. The dataset is the result of FOI request to CMS by healthcare data activist Fred Trotter (co-presenter). The dataset is minimal […]

Berkman Center Supports DocGraph

In an effort to assist the DocGraph Project with adding state-level physician credentialing data, the Community has started working with the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University.  The Berkman Center is working to farm out the state-level FOIA issues to Harvard-trained FOIA experts each state.  The Berkman Center is the leading expert […]