Cajun Codefest 2014

The DocGraph Journal is sponsoring Cajun Codefest 2014 (April 23-25 in Lafayette, LA) and simultaneously holding a virtual codeathon focused on the recently released DocGraphRX – Medicare D prescribing data.  Since our friends in Louisiana themed this years event “Aging in Place” and we’ve spoken with dozens of community members about DocGraphRX in the last few months, we thought the combined opportunity could not be better. Further, we’re providing $2500 in cash prizes for the virtual and in-person competitions. Each team will receive access to the prescribing patters for physicians in Louisiana.

Register today to be included in the activities leading up to and during the DocGraph challenge!

Follow the event @cajuncodefest #ccf3…

Note: Registration below is for the DocGraph virtual challenge only. If you would like to also register for the Cajun Codefest main event please visit