DocGraph Summit 2014

The DocGraph Journal creates multiple, unprecedented datasets to improve healthcare. It is focused on building an open community of data scientists primed to share analysis of the torrential amount of new healthcare data posted by federal and state governments. The DocGraph Journal interfaces government affairs (with HHS and CMS), to journalism organizations (O’Reilly Media, US News, ProPublica), to academics and entrepreneurs. The journal is supported by research grants from Merck, athenahealth, and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The 2014 Summit will review DocGraph’s open data healthcare projects. These projects include food, medical, doctor, and hospital data, as well as other fun topics that are not easily categorized.

Join fellow health data enthusiasts for an engaging day of unconference-style discussions and presentations, as well as meals and happy hour within walking distance of the venue.

Date: October 8, 2014

Location: Houston Technology Center

Eventbrite - The DocGraph Summit

The DocGraph Summit is being held alongside International Conference on Biomedical Ontology (ICBO) 14

ICBO 14 runs Oct 6-9 and we are encouraging DocGraph Summit participants to attend the first two days of ICBO (Oct 6, 7), which will feature workshops discussing the options for an Open Source Medication Database.