DocGraph Launches Linea

Press Release on PR Newswire:

HOUSTON, June 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — DocGraph is launching a new web based portal Linea ( to enable the health data science community to discover, aggregate and enrich new open healthcare datasets.

DocGraph Linea is based on technology developed and contributed by Merck (known as MSD outside the United States and Canada). DocGraph Linea will provide data scientists a socially-enabled community open data platform that collects details about disparate healthcare datasets, and further allows the community to extend what data is available. Users will be able to search datasets, understand data lineage, view relationship matrices, add metadata, and see community algorithms.

Initially, DocGraph will seed the site with its known list of viable data sources.  Users will be able to contribute data they discover or create themselves, and DocGraph Linea will act as a marketplace for innovative data releases and code. DocGraph Linea will pull together and link to assorted datasets under Public Domain, Open Source, Creative Commons, and other data licenses specific to the data’s source. The community will be able to review and evaluate datasets on the site to ensure quality. DocGraph Linea will provide a curated, disambiguated, and accessible directory of open data.

Fred Trotter, Founder and Data Journalist at DocGraph, said, “While there are already several places to discover and download open healthcare data, there is almost nothing available to help people learn to exercise these data sets. Merck’s IT group has made a substantial technology contribution, which will allow the larger healthcare community to derive new open healthcare data sets. The end result will be lots of new innovations, many new healthcare data startups, and ultimately better healthcare as our society’s understanding of the nuances of healthcare delivery accelerates.”

Peter Lega, Director of Emerging Technology at Merck, said, “As the ecosystem of open data grows, these new capabilities to easily discover, share and enrich it will help foster collaboration, a better corpus of data, and new insights in the open data community.”

About DocGraph

DocGraph ( is an organization that works to create, maintain, and improve open healthcare datasets.  It aims to grow the open health data movement and build a community of data scientists, journalists, and clinical enterprises who use open data to understand and help evolve the healthcare system.